Taking cancer research at Sydney to the next level

The University is seeking input to design new multidisciplinary university-wide initiatives focused on cancer, a national and global priority. 

A multi-faculty steering committee is reviewing the current state of cancer research at Sydney, and aims to synthesise its findings and the results of this University-wide consultation as a Green Paper by mid-2017.

Three overarching questions are being addressed

  1. What should be the University's vision for cancer research?
  2. What are the principal challenges and opportunities for cancer research at Sydney?
  3. What should the University, with its partners, do to help realise that vision?

All members of the university community are invited to provide input via:

  • Online submissions - open for six weeks from late January to 13 March 2017
  • Direct email to the project Steering Committee
  • Town Hall events at various campuses in February 2017


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