Cara McFarlane

Cara is the Event and Communication Project Officer within the Sydney Catalyst central office team. With input from the Sydney Catalyst leadership team and broader membership, Cara is responsible for our overall communication strategy, a key feature in helping us achieve our goal of facilitating improved communication and collaboration. Day to day, Cara is responsible for the Sydney Catalyst Education program and delivering the much loved Sydney Catalyst newsletter to our members every month, as well as a range of other member and public communications including the Sydney Catalyst website.
  • Central Office Team


After completing a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing and Management, Cara pursued her childhood passion to work for an airline. She gained invaluable analytical, commercial and customer experience working for Qantas Airlines. Cara brings a fresh set of eyes and new ideas to the way we do things.

Cara has a secret love of Spreadsheets, Yoga and Cooking and is excited to be working for an organisation whose key focus is helping people.