Merran Findlay

Merran Findlay

Executive Research Lead Cancer Nutrition; Oncology Specialist Dietitian, RPA & Chris O'Brien Lifehouse


Merran Findlay is the Executive Research Lead - Cancer Nutrition and Oncology Specialist Dietitian across the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital - Chris O'Brien Lifehouse partnership. An Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian, she was awarded a prestigious National Health and Medical Research Council Translating Research Into Practice Fellowship in 2015 to implement an innovative model of nutrition care for patients with head and neck cancer.

Merran specialises in nutrition support of people with cancer and has contributed to clinical guidelines for nutrition management in head and neck cancer, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS), radiotherapy and chemotherapy and cancer wellness. 

Merran is passionate about the essential role specialist dietitians play in delivering high quality, comprehensive cancer care and, as Adjunct Senior Lecturer, she actively contributes to the teaching program at the University of Sydney. She currently serves as an Executive Member of the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Nutrition Group.

Research Interests:

Merran's research interests include the impact of nutritional status and nutrition intervention on clinical, cost and patient-centred outcomes, innovative models of care and the use of information technology to support translation of evidence into practice. She holds an appointment as Oncology Dietetics Clinical Research Fellow at The Chris O'Brien Lifehouse to progress this work.


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