Thomas Johnson

I am a third-year PhD student at the Asbestos Diseases Research Institute and am supervised by A/Prof. Andrew Burgess from the ANZAC Research Institute, A/Prof. Glen Reid from the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand and Dr. Karin Schelch from the Institute for Cancer Research, Vienna, Austria. My project sits in the T1-T2 end of the translational continuum and focuses on understanding the role Y-Box binding protein-1 plays in malignant pleural mesothelioma with the aim of utilising it as a therapeutic target and biomarker in the future. I was lucky enough to be awarded a PhD Top-Up Scholarship from Sydney Catalyst at the beginning of 2018 which supplements the generous funding the Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia provide for me - a non-for-profit advocacy and support group made up of volunteers affected by asbestos-related diseases. I am honoured to be funded by Catalyst and this has given me opportunities which have benefitted my PhD project and career development immensely, such as a lab exchange to Vienna in 2018 to work with one of our collaborators.


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